Committee Members

The names of the committee members are as follows:


Palma Pisani Franzone - President

Tania Beletic - Treasurer

Lisamarie Franzone - Accountant/Financial advisor

Maria Ariganello - Social Representative

Bianca Franzone - Social Media Representative

Antonio Zaffino - Social Media Representative

Cosmo Mannella – Public Relations Representative

John Mandarino – Public Relations Representative


Angelo Vinci - Senior

Sam Pupo

Liason/Representatives in Serra San Bruno


Alfonso Colonnese

Vince D. Muzzi

Rocco Cordiano

Bruno Galle

Event Volunteers

Fiore Manella

Linda Cordiano

Vince Marino

Our Sponsors

San Bruno Association Toronto

President: Palma Pisani Franzone

Address: 2285 Dunwin Drive, Unit #1, Mississauga, ON, L5L 3S3

Phone Number: (905) 828-4047  Email: